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The Right Performance Enhancement

Athletes are always looking for ways to take their game to the next level. Many times in sports, the difference between winning and losing is only a matter of inches or milliseconds. This blog dives into how Action Chiropractic can help give you the competitive edge you need to level up your game. Treatment for athletes is based around improving joint function, enhancing mobility, reducing pain and inflammation, prioritizing recovery, and working on injury prevention. There is a reason that more than 90% of elite athletes utilize chiropractic care; read below to see how treatment at Action Chiropractic can help you unlock your athletic potential.

Improved Joint Function

Just watch any sports documentary, there’s a good one on Netflix about Quarterbacks, and you can see how athletes push their bodies to the limit in both rigorous training routines as well as on gameday. This constant toll on the body will lead to joint stress and wear and tear over time. At Action Chiropractic, we use both full spine and extremity adjustments to help restore proper joint alignment leading to improved joint mobility and reduced inflammation. The ability to move a joint through full, pain-free range of motion can help you succeed on the field of play and give you an edge over the competition. This also allows the muscles and tendons to move freer, and reduce sprains and tears. Imagine how getting adjusted and stretched out could turn your 30 for 30 from a tragedy to a triumph.

Enhanced Mobility

Mobility is crucial for athletes in every sport. At Action Chiropractic, we are full body certified in Active Release Techniques, or ART. This patented form of myofascial release is used to break up scar tissue and adhesions in muscles allowing for better movement and mobility. Treatment at Action Chiropractic is individualized to the patient, and we work with our athletes to address what muscles need to be strengthened vs. which ones need to be stretched and released in order for the athlete to perform at their best. This allows you to run faster, throw farther, lift heavier, jump higher, and just be better.

Pain Management

Pain is part of the process for almost every athlete, from the Peewee football player, to the golden aged pickleball player, pain and discomfort can hinder an athlete’s performance and ultimately limit their potential. Chiropractic adjustments address issues at the bone and joint level whereas ART works on everything that surrounds that bone and joint (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves etc.) By combining these two therapies, we drastically reduce pain and inflammation, allowing athletes to focus on competition and training, not nagging discomfort.

Faster Recovery

Injuries are an unfortunate part of athletics. Whether it is a minor nagging injury, or a season ending injury, chiropractic care can play a pivotal role in recovery. The first part of recovering from injury is accurately diagnosing the problem. At Action Chiropractic, we are well versed in the diagnosis and management of not only spinal conditions, but extremity conditions, such as tennis elbow, ankle sprains and shoulder pain as well. Once the problem has been properly diagnosed, we get to work getting the athlete back on the field. We offer many different treatment options including chiropractic adjustments (spinal and extremity), myofascial release, dry needling, cupping, Graston, cold laser, therapeutic ultrasound and more! Our goal for athletes is to get them back on the field and help them stay on the field.

Injury Prevention

A while ago, a soccer player came into the office after finishing her rehab following her ACL reconstruction. She was having some hip and back pain following the PT, and wanted to be sure that she was ready to return. We examined her and found that her surgically repaired knee was in great shape, however, her “good” knee had atrophy (muscle wasting) around the stabilizers in the inner knee, her hips did not turn nearly as good as her repaired knee, and that she had a hard time balancing on that knee. We advised that she should really work on the “good” knee by getting her range of motion and strength to be equal to the repaired knee before she returns to sport.

The easiest and fastest way to return from injury is preventing that injury from happening in the first place. At Action Chiropractic, we work meticulously to identify and treat musculoskeletal imbalances before they lead to injury. We work with our athletes and make sure they have stretches and corrective exercises to perform outside of the office so they can stay on the field. That soccer player did end up tearing her “good” knee in a non-contact injury. Sometimes we don’t like being right.

Chiropractic care is a powerful tool that can enhance athletic abilities for athletes across all sports. At Action Chiropractic, we help athletes unlock their athletic potential by improving joint function, enhancing mobility, reducing pain and inflammation, aiding in recovery, and helping prevent injuries before they happen. Over 90% of professional athletes see a chiropractor; when you’re ready to take your game to the next level, come see us!

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